About me

A software engineer chasing big dreams.

Started my journey in the most unusual place, photography. Having the opportunity to be creative opened my eyes to see what can be, what the world has to offer and what is often missed. A valuable life skill if you ask me, I saw both ends of the scale, where the divide is really divided. It made me appreciate life and that you have to work really hard and value everything.

After a colourful journey in the arts, I ventured into technology. Learning the ropes from ground up. I started with just maintaining office machines, then to servers, and worked my way up into mobile and web development. That was short lived as I wanted to explore and until now I still am exploring. I am very thankful for the companies that trained me, the friends that I got to meet along the way. I know I’m not perfect I stepped on some toes along the way. I’m trying to make amends with them, and one by one I hope I can regain their trust.

My journey isn’t near the end yet, I am just starting. Starting fresh, and starting right is how I live by.

I hope we cross paths someday. Just to say Hi.

You may drop me a line here:

email: francis@francissevilla.com

Mobile: +639171550306

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/francismsevilla/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/francissevilla/