The journey back to Ubuntu 20.04

Rocking a 2015 13-inch Macbook pro for the past year, I hit a snag when I had to develop WebRTC applications. Yes, those video conferencing applications you love/hate to use.

It started when I had a video call via Zoom, trying to demo a module that I just created. With Murphy in tow, we presented it. He forgot to mention that he brought his laws… the Murphy law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. To cut the long story short I wasn’t able to present anything to the client. That woke me up to why was I even using a Macbook.

I started out as an iOS engineer in my earlier days, where you actually had to have a Macbook to build and app and publish it. I would see almost everyone walking through the hallways with their fancy and shinny new machines, ready to build the next big thing. I was one of those persons who was proud of that ecosystem. Until that unfortunate day where I wasn’t able to show anything. It might not be because of the Macbook itself, it actually might be just because I was too frugal to upgrade to the latest Macbook.

After countless hours trying to find the best and most affordable way to build a new workhorse. I settled with another unfamiliar build, an AMD Ryzen. When I was trying to build my new workhorse the 4th Gen was just about to make market. but I settled for a lower 2nd Gen because deep down I still wanted to to build a hackintosh.

I set my sights to buy from the nearest computer parts store and electronics hub in Manila, Gilmore street in New Manila. I booked online and paid for it. This was because of the current pandemic and strict quarantine and social distancing was in-place.

I picked up the parts, came home and built the computer. For the everything sane I wasn’t after hours trying to install Windows 10 on my new machine. So apparently when creating the boot device, there is a setting you have to put depending on what type of hard drive you had.

After installing it…

I went to install vagrant box for development… I was again having problems installing the environment. It always had corrupted installation media. I couldn’t solve it. I tried running a Virtual machine with Ubuntu if i could install the dependencies… with no luck.

Now I tried to build a hackintosh… let’s not get into that, or maybe I’ll talk about it in another post.

The conclusion is I decided one day to just dual boot to windows and Ubuntu 20.04. It was the best decision I’ve done in the past couple of weeks. Everything was installed flawlessly, I was enjoying the experience of using Ubuntu 20.04 so much That I even wrote it here.

Installing the environment for the first time in an Ubuntu box was just like magic everything worked! can you believe that I had no issues with it.

To conclude this post I highly recommend using Ubuntu even for beginners and those who simply just wants a fast computer regardless of what age it has. If you need help installing it I can build a tutorial or even hit me up on the comments section so that we can schedule a call on how you can start enjoying Ubuntu.