Home networking

Over the course of the week and maybe a few days more, I have setup a fairly modest home network. Let’s start first on why I needed to upgrade our home network from just the simple PLDT provided home router. We have probably 20-30 devices connected at any given time, and I always noticed network […]

The journey back to Ubuntu 20.04

Rocking a 2015 13-inch Macbook pro for the past year, I hit a snag when I had to develop WebRTC applications. Yes, those video conferencing applications you love/hate to use. It started when I had a video call via Zoom, trying to demo a module that I just created. With Murphy in tow, we presented […]

Ramen soon

I’ve never been a fan of ramen, wasn’t one of my go to comfort food while growing up. It all changed when a dear friend introduced Mendokoro to me. For so long I would just pass up any opportunity to eat ramen with friends. I didn’t really like the idea of eating it piping hot […]

36 hour days?

As the vast majority of us spend more time acquiring wealth, do we even have enough time for ourself? How does a 36 hour day sound to you? I wish I have 36 hours in a day, a little more time to spend working, thinking and dreaming of things that could have been. Do you […]