Ramen soon


I’ve never been a fan of ramen, wasn’t one of my go to comfort food while growing up. It all changed when a dear friend introduced Mendokoro to me.

For so long I would just pass up any opportunity to eat ramen with friends. I didn’t really like the idea of eating it piping hot and burning my mouth afterwards, maybe I was eating it the wrong way?

A few years ago I received a message to come and join her for a bowl of ramen in the newly opened restaurant Mendokoro. I was skeptical and that’s just me. Being a good friend I went all the way to Makati just to try it.

To be honest I really have waiting in line for a meal but I was already there, so I waited. Deep down I was praying that it was all worth it, the 1+ hour drive to Makati and another 30+ minutes in line. We were seated, a few minutes later dumplings arrived. They were wonderful, and promising. I just hope the main event was in that category too. As we waited patiently for our orders to arrive we got caught up with out boring and tiring lives hahaha just kidding, like any normal group of friends we caught up with each other, The restaurant isn’t the same as what you would normally see in the Philippines. You had to always wait for everything, eat fast, and leave even faster. Doing a little research ramen in Japan is meant to be eaten alone and not a social thing.

And the long wait has finally ended. our orders arrived. First to try the broth, it was creamy and with just the right amount of heat, spice level and heat. How could I have missed this for so long? To be honest, I can’t compare another ramen shops in Manila with the same level of excitement I get when I fall in line at one of their branches.

I usually go alone nowadays with some occasions where the one I’m “trying to date” goes with me. It’s always a treat to enjoy a really good bowl ramen, especially with that someone. Oh and yes my friend who introduced me to this ramen still bugs me to join her almost every week, it’s turned into Carmen’s best ice cream now.

I hope we get to share more bowls in the future.

36 hour days?

As the vast majority of us spend more time acquiring wealth, do we even have enough time for ourself? How does a 36 hour day sound to you?

I wish I have 36 hours in a day, a little more time to spend working, thinking and dreaming of things that could have been.

Do you have dreams? I know I do.

You don’t grow when you’re comfortable…

Bridges and Doors

In a burning house, you are given two paths to escape, a bridge and a door. The door’s knob is super heated while a portion of the bridge with a 10 floor drop is on fire. If you choose the door it will burn your hand. If the bridge you might fall and break your legs. Your goal is to reach the other side into safety. What would you choose?